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Waukesha Art Crawl Student Plein Air Art Fair

As part of Waukesha Art Crawl #127, being held on October 7, 2023, from 2pm – 8pm, Otto's Art Academy is hosting a STUDENT section for the 5th annual Waukesha Plein Air Competition (sponsored by the Waukesha Civic Theater.)

What is Plein Air?

"Plein Air" is a French term for "on the open air". Many years ago, before cameras were invented, artists would take their canvases and painting supplies outside to create art from what they saw in real life. Today, we create Plein Air art in celebration of the traditional form of art, to spend time in nature, and to use our skills of observation.

This STUDENT section of the Waukesha Plein Air event is taking place on Saturday, October 7th from 1-3pm. Meet at Otto's Art Academy at 1pm, choose from one of two locations (TBA by Otto's Art Academy teachers), and draw or paint until 3pm. ALL ARTWORK MUST BE COMPLETED AND TURNED IN AT 3PM. Artwork will then go on display at the Waukesha Civic Theater from 4-8pm for the Artist's Reception.

Cost and Supplies:

$10/Student Entry Fee

Students may bring whatever 2D supplies they would like to use. The Waukesha Art Crawl recommends watercolors, acrylics, gouache, pastels, or pencils. Otto's will provide supplementary supplies

When & Where:

Saturday, October 7, 1:00-3:00pm 

Otto's Art Academy, 312 W Broadway, Waukesha


Registration is Required for this Event

E: info@OttosArtAcademy.com

P: (262)970-9524

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