Vision & Mission



At Otto's Fine Art Academy, our goal is to offer exceptional, educational art classes to learners of all types. We achieve this goal by being knowledgeable and present for our students as they progress through our self-paced, step-by-step curriculum. All Otto's Art Academy teachers are trained in fine arts and art education because we believe it is crucial for artists to be trained by artists.


  1. To teach children and adults the fundamentals of fine arts in a supportive environment
  1. To instill creative confidence in each one of our students
  1. To challenge the creative process
  1. To build self-esteem through positive instructional feedback
  1. To develop and refine fine motor skills in young students
  1. To introduce students to a variety of fine art mediums
  1. To build students’ vocabulary of art terms, definitions, concepts, and tools
  1. To introduce students to art history and develop an understanding of different artistic styles and movements, both past and present
  1. To help students build a portfolio
  1. To foster life-long artists
  1. To introduce students to career possibilities in the arts